Hacktoria: Geolocation 10 (Walkthrough)

3 min readFeb 18, 2022

Hacktoria: Geolocation 10 (Walkthrough)

This is another Hacktoria.com Geolocation challenge walkthrough, It’s a #geolocation #GEOINT challenge.
let’s see how to solve the Geolocation challenge N° 10.

Hacktoria Challenge N°10

In this challenge the question is : Find the phone number to call (without country code) in order to capture the same picture.

The challenge is clearly asking for a hotel or something similar, the point is to find this phone number, but before that we have to begin with finding the exact location.

Observing the image, we notice something unusual and we can’t find every where, it’s this golden writing on the ground, zoom in and try to read the letters, we notice something like “Jose Eche….”, go back to google and let google autocomplete help you! He is “José Echegaray” or “José Echegaray y Eizaguirre” a Spanish famous personality. let’s combine a RIS(reverse image search) with “José Echegaray” and try to find similar results.

José Echegaray From Shutterstock.com

After knowing this piece of information, let’s use RIS with other words. this time we will use the words “Golden writing”. and after scrolling down we will notice this article on Quora.com.

Barrio de Las Letras — Madrid — Spain

Now, we know that this place is called “Barrio de Las Letrasin Madrid (Spain).

And now, we will try to find the golden fragment of “José Echegaray y Eizaguirre” and “Barrio de Las Letrason Google Maps.

The Google Maps results are located on the same place, so let’s try to find some Google Local Guides pictures there.

José Echegaray commemorative text fragment

We found the location, so let’s see at the right angle, what are we looking for as a hotel. and yes it’s the “International youth hostel la posada de huertas”, moving along the wall with Google Street View and we will find the phone number in question like the image below:

International Youth Hostel — La posada de huetras

Finally the phone number is “914295526” and like that our challenge N°10 is now solved!