Hacktoria: Geolocation 13 (Walkthrough)

2 min readFeb 15, 2022

Hacktoria: Geolocation 13 (Walkthrough)

This is my very first medium post, I am starting with this walkthrough about a #geolocation #GEOINT challenge. I’ll describe how I solved the challenge Geolocation N° 13 on Hacktoria.com.
The used photo by Hacktoria’s challenge makers had not a good resolution, thus it made the challenge more difficult to sport some words on the signs or on the buildings. So let’s start with my approach.

Geolocation 13 walkthrough:

Hackatoria Geolocation challenge N°13

The challenge question:

What is the city name in this picture? (it should be a “city” name)

The first thing I did with this challenge in order to find this city is to find the country using this type of round pedestrian crossing road sign. with a walking symbol and yellow background.

From the search results: it’s an Australian road sign, (it complies with Australian Standards AS1742.1–2014 and AS1743–2001 according to this website).

Now, our search is narrowed down to “Australian” cities only!

The second thing after the road sign is the red box near it, it may be a postal box, so let’s search for the Australian post mailbox. And from the results, this post mailbox was very similar to that one in our challenge.

Now, We will combine our findings “Australia” and “Pedestrian crossing“ with a reverse image search

Google reverse search sometimes will give you miraculous results like this one. The first result was the image below:

Combining Reverse Image Search with words: “Australia” and “Pedestrian crossing”

Observing the challenge image and the google images result will lead us to a conclusion that this is the right place we are looking for.

Then, We have to find the city name to answer the challenge, let’s go back to the URL where the image was found and try to find the city name.

According to the URL, the city in question is “Adelaide” so let’s go back to Hacktoria’s website and input Adelaide as the correct answer.

Yes, it’s the correct answer and the challenge is now solved! maybe for more digging about the exact position it’s a good idea to take a virtual visit with Google Street Maps in Adelaide and try to spot the exact location from there.

That’s all for this challenge, see you in another post!